Conscious chef

Being a chef is a difficult and tiresome job: you must have strong nerves, be very fast and precise, able to do many things at once and supervise what everybody else is doing.
Moreover, when the dish is ready, it must be sent to the table at once, because many dishes lose much of their flavor when cold.

Just imagine what happens when the chef must also be aware, that is, keep into consideration the rules of slow food, find animals full of positive energy – which have lived a good life, find organic or biodynamic fruits and vegetables – grown with love and respect and possibly which has not traveled much, even if the mythical Bressanini thinks otherwise.

Preparing food is an art and a huge responsibility, and this is why I decided to keep a column on the chefs who are fighting this battle, a tribute for their work and their efforts with all my respect.

Each post will be dedicated to one particular chef, I will tell you how I contacted him/her, what are his/her strengths, where is the restaurant where s/he works and eventually the website.
Each chef will post an “awareness recipe”, accompanied by photos, and will explain why the recipe was done that way, and what was the objective.

Then maybe we will comment on the recipe, and talk about anything else we wish to discuss, and if every once in a while the chefs will want to pop in to drop an explanation or a clarification, they will be welcome!

I hope you like this idea; I am happy because I have no doubt I’ll have much to learn, and learning is my favorite thing ever!

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